The music of 20th Century Fox

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Overige titelgegevens : the music of Fox films and television covering seven decades in two volumes : songs and themes : the stories behind the music and interviews with the world's greatest film composers and songwriters : rare photographs from the scoring stage, films and television

Bevat Anastasia |s (thema film: Anastasia) On the good ship lollipop |s (film: Bright eyes) It might as well be spring |s (film: State fair) An affair to remember |s (film: An affair to remember) The day the earth stood still |s (film: The day the earth stood still) All through the day |s (film: Centennial summer) April love |s (film: April love) There will never be another you |s (film: Iceland) Ain't there anyone here for love? |s (film: Gentlemen prefer blondes) I'm making believe |s (film: Sweet and low down) There's no business like show business |s (film: There's no business like show business) Sunny side up |s (film: Sunny side up) Today, I love ev'rybody |s (film: The farmer takes a wife) Ain't misbehavin' |s (film: Stormy weather) The girl can't help it |s (film: The girl can't help it) Movietone news theme (World events march) I've got my love to keep me warm |s (film: On the avenue) There's a lull in my life |s (film: Wake up and live) Again |s (film: Road house) You do |s (film: Mother wore tights) This is always |s (film: Three little girls in blue) Journey to the center of the earth (Sunrise) |s (film: Journey to the center of the earth) Chattanooga choo-choo |s (film: Sun Valley serenade) My heart tells me (Should I believe my heart) |s (film: Sweet Rosie O'Grady) Hound-dog man |s (film: Hound-dog man) I'm shooting high |s (film: King of Burlesque) Diamonds are a girl's best friend |s (film: Gentlemen prefer blondes) I've got a gal in Kalamazoo |s (film: Orchestra wives) Ruby |s (film: Ruby gentry) The song of Bernadette |s (thema film: The song of Bernadette) Getting to know you |s (film: The King and I) You turned the tables on me |s (film: Sing, baby, sing) No love, no nothin' |s (film: The gang's all here) Conquest |s (film: Captain of Castile) When did you leave heaven? |s (film: Sing, baby, sing) Love is a many-splendored thing |s (film: Love is a many-splendored thing) What chance have I with love? |s (film: Call me madam) Theme from 'Peyton place' |s (film: Peyton place) Laura |s (film: Laura) My walking stick |s (film: Alexander's ragtime band) Love me tender |s (film: Love me tender) The robe |s (thema film: The robe) You say the sweetest things (baby) |s (film: Tin Pan Alley) Down Argentina way |s (film: Down Argentine way) Now it can be told |s (film: Alexander's ragtime band) The best things in life are free |s (film: The best things in life are free) Serenade in blue |s (film: Orchestra wives) If I loved you |s (film: Carousel) I, yi, yi, yi, yi (I like you very much) |s (film: That night in Rio) At last |s (film: Orchestra wives) Twentieth Century-Fox trade mark A certain smile |s (film: A certain smile) Mam'selle |s (film: The razor's edge) I can't begin to tell you |s (film: The dolly sisters) You do the darn'dest things, baby |s (film: Pigskin parade) I had the craziest dream |s (film: Springtime in the rockies) Say one for me |s (film: Say one for me) A man chases a girl (until she catches him) |s (film: There's no business like show business) Dat's love |s (film: Carmen Jones) On the boardwalk (in Atlantic City) |s (film: Three little girls in blue) Three coins in the fountain |s (film: Three coins in the fountain) Forever Amber |s (film: Forever Amber) The more I see you |s (film: Billy Rose's diamond horseshoe) You'll never know |s (film: Hello, Frisco, hello) Stormy weather (Keeps rainin' all the time) |s (film: Stormy weather) Something's gotta give |s (film: Daddy long legs) You make me feel so young |s (film: Three little girls in blue) After you get what you want, you don't want it |s (film: There's no business like show business) Animal crackers in my soup |s (film: Curly top) I'll remember tonight |s (film: Mardi Gras) Goodnight, my love |s (film: Stowaway) I never knew heaven could speak |s (film: Rose of Washington Square) Give me the simple life |s (film: Wake up and live) The river of no return |s (film: The river of no return) I'm marching along with time |s (film: Alexander's ragtime band) My girl back home |s (film: South Pacific) The lady in the tutti frutti hat |s (film: The gang's all here)

Impressum Miami : Warner Bros. Publ., cop. 2003

Annotatie Voor zangstem en piano en voor piano. - Met voorw.

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