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Overige titelgegevens : from Universal TV and the movies

Bevat Quincy |s (thema TV serie: Quincy) It's time to say I love you (Love theme) |s (film: The other side of the mountain II) Midway march |s (film: Midway) Airport 1977 |s (thema film: Airport 1977) Richard's window |s (film: The other side of the mountain - Part I) Little Miss Marker |s (thema film: Little Miss Marker) Song from Buck Rogers |s (thema TV serie: Buck Rogers) The great Waldo Pepper march |s (thema film: The great Waldo Pepper) West/East bound and down |s (film: Smokey and the bandit) Wheels |s (thema film: Wheels) Delta house |s (thema film: Delta house) It's all in the mind |s (film: House calls) House calls |s (thema TV serie: House calls) Dracula |s (thema film: Dracula) Earthquake (Love theme) |s (film: Earthquake) MacArthur march |s (film: MacArthur) Magic carousel |s (film: Rollercoaster) Airport 1975 |s (thema film: Airport 1975) We could have it all |s (film: The last married couple in America) I'm going down |s (film: Car wash) I wanna get next to you |s (film: Car wash) The bandit |s (thema film: Smokey and the bandit) Shama lama ding dong |s (film: Animal house) Ballad of sheriff Lobo |s (thema TV serie: Sheriff Lobo) Hardy boys / Nancy Drew |s (thema TV serie: Hardy boys / Nancy Drew) B.J. McKay |s (thema TV serie: B.J. and the Bear) Front page rag |s (thema film: The front page) Kojak '77 |s (thema TV serie: Kojak '77) You are my tomorrows, today |s (thema film: Heroes) The incredible Hulk |s (thema TV serie: The incredible Hulk) The slipper and the rose waltz (He/she danced with me) Someone to love |s (TV serie: Loose change) The last time I felt like this Car wash |s (thema film: Car wash) Animal house |s (thema film: Animal house) The Eiger sanction |s (thema film: Eiger sanction) Yanks (Love theme) |s (film: Yanks) You're always there when I need you |s (film: Nude bomb) Swashbuckler (Love theme) |s (film: Swashbuckler) Battlestar Galactica |s (thema TV serie: Battlestar Galactica) Just a little inconvenience I'll never say 'goodbye' |s (thema film: The promise) You gotta believe |s (film: Car wash) The joke's on me |s (film: W.C. Fields and me) Jaws |s (thema film: Jaws) Litle women |s (thema TV film: Little women) Centennial |s (thema TV film: Centennial)

Impressum Melville : MCA Music, cop. 1980

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