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Bevat Breakfast at Tiffany's |s (fake book) You're only young once |s (film: Love in a goldfish bowl) (fake book) Blue on blue |s (fake book) Am I in love |s (film: Son of Paleface) (fake book) Paraphrase |s (fake book) Learn to croon |s (film: College humor) (fake book) Old glory |s (film: Star spangled rhythm) (fake book) The lady's in love with you |s (film: Some like it hot) (fake book) Lovers in New York |s (film: Breakfast at Tiffany's) (fake book) Dolores |s (film: Las Vegas nights) (fake book) The way to love |s (thema film: The way to love) (fake book) The rainmaker |s (thema film: The rainmaker) (fake book) If I should lose you |s (film: Rose of the rancho) (fake book) A home in the clouds |s (fake book) A day without you |s (film: Eight girls in a boat) (fake book) Watch out for the devil |s (film: The vagabond king) (fake book) Ending with a kiss |s (film: Melody in spring) (fake book) You brought a new kind of love to me |s (film: The big pond) (fake book) Between Winston-Salem and Nashville, Tennessee |s (fake book) June in January |s (film: Here is my heart) (fake book) You only think of me (when you're lonely) |s (fake book) Sing you sinners |s (film: I'll cry tomorrow) (fake book) Everyone knows it but you |s (fake book) Easy living |s (fake book) All the way home |s (thema film: All the way home) (fake book) Alfie |s (thema film: Alfie) (fake book) Give us this night |s (fake book) Moon song (That wasn't for me) |s (film: Hello everybody) (fake book) I hear music |s (film: Dancing on a dime) (fake book) True blue Lou |s (fake book) Moon river |s (film: Breakfast at Tiffany's) (fake book) Wonderful to be young |s (fake book) Blue and lonely town |s (fake book) On the Isle of May |s (fake book) Beyond the blue horizon |s (fake book) The major and the minor |s (fake book) When I take my sugar to tea |s (fake book) The golden years |s (film: Houdini) (fake book) A full moon and an empty heart |s (film: Beyond the blue horizon) (fake book) Every Christmas morning |s (fake book) To each his own |s (thema film: To each his own) (fake book) Kiss me with your eyes |s (fake book) Murder, he says |s (film: Happy go lucky) (fake book) Dormi-dormi-dormi |s (fake book) Moments like this |s (fake book) When the party is over |s (fake book) These are the things we'll share |s (fake book) You don't love right |s (film: The Ziegfeld Follies of 1936) (fake book) Copper Canyon |s (fake book) Nevada Smith |s (fake book) And now tomorrow |s (fake book) Get the moon out of your eyes |s (fake book) Knock on wood |s (thema film: Knock on wood) (fake book) College swing |s (thema film: College swing) (fake book) The vagabond king waltz |s (film: The vagabond king) (fake book) Cocktails for two |s (film: Murder at the vanities) (fake book) Joobalai |s (film: Paris honeymoon) (fake book) Constantly |s (film: Road to Morocco) (fake book) Here's to love |s (fake book) The out-of-towners |s (thema film: The out-of-towners) (fake book) My old flame Sunflower |s (fake book) The night has a thousand eyes |s (fake book) Dream lover |s (film: The love parade) (fake book) While hearts are singing |s (film: The smiling lieutenant) (fake book) Sad Sack |s (fake book) My silent love |s (fake book) Peace of mind |s (fake book) Isn't it romantic |s (thema film: Isn't it romantic) (fake book) Thanks for the memory |s (film: The big broadcast of 1938) (fake book) In the park in Paree |s (film: A bedtime story) (fake book) Call me irresponsible |s (film: Papa's delicate condition) (fake book) True grit |s (thema film: True grit) (fake book) What is a youth? |s (film: Romeo and Juliet) (fake book) I don't want to walk without you |s (film: Sweater girl) (fake book) Happy trails |s (fake book) I feel like a feather in the breeze |s (film: The charm school) (fake book) Love goddess |s (film: The love goddess) (fake book) Desire |s (thema film: Desire) (fake book) The world is mine |s (film: Strategic air command) (fake book) For whom the bell tolls |s (thema film: For whom the bell tolls) (fake book) Sabrina |s (film: Sabrina fair) (fake book) The pick-up |s (fake book) We will always be sweethearts |s (film: One hour with you) (fake book) Love is trouble |s (film: Kid Rodelo) (fake book) Winter warm |s (fake book) My kind of country |s (fake book) Birds of a feather |s (film: Road to Zanzibar) (fake book) Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon |s (thema film: Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon) (fake book) Something's comin' off tonight |s (fake book) Hud |s (film: Hud) (fake book) Love lessons Do I love you? |s (film: Thank your stars) (fake book) Hello my darling |s (fake book) The way that I live |s (film: The bliss of Mrs. Blossom) (fake book) Warning shot |s (thema film: Warning shot) (fake book) Let me be a people (Plain old me) |s (film: Cinderella) (fake book) Kickin' the conga around Come Saturday morning |s (fake book) Ev'ry day of my life |s (fake book) Please love me |s (fake book) I wished on the moon |s (thema film: I wished on the moon) (fake book) The man who shot Liberty Valance |s (thema film: The man who shot Liberty Valance) (fake book) A melody from the sky |s (fake book) Anyone can play |s (fake book) Promise her anything |s (thema film: Promise her anything) (fake book) I wish I didn't love you so |s (film: The perils of Pauline) (fake book) With the wind and the rain in your hair |s (fake book) Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry |s (film: The fleet's in) (fake book) A dime a dozen |s (fake book) The merry-go-runaround |s (fake book) Lovely is she (Moll's theme) |s (film: The amorous adventures of Moll Flanders) (fake book) Love letters |s (thema film: Love letters) (fake book) The bible tells me so |s (fake book) Blue Hawaii |s (film: Waikiki wedding) (fake book) The man on the flying trapeze |s (fake book) A time for us |s (film: Romeo and Juliet) (fake book) My ideal |s (fake book) When someone wonderful thinks you're wonderful |s (fake book) Paris mist |s (fake book) Cross patch |s (fake book) Let's get lost |s (fake book) It started in Naples |s (thema film: It started in Naples) (fake book) The old music master |s (film: True to life) (fake book) That's amore (The caddy) |s (fake book) King size kisses |s (fake book) I'm Popeye the sailor man |s (thema film: Popeye the sailor) (fake book) Silver bells |s (film: The lemon drop kid) (fake book) Hey, Western Union man |s (fake book) Rain on the roof |s (fake book) Beyond you |s (fake book) Blue orchids |s (fake book) Dawn |s (fake book) Rainbow Valley |s (fake book) The first night of the full moon |s (fake book) The lonely man |s (fake book) Life is so peculiar |s (film: Mr. Music) (fake book) Black moonlight |s (film: Too much harmony) (fake book) Love with the proper stranger |s (thema film: Love with the proper stranger) (fake book) Just a moment more |s (film: My favorite spy) (fake book) Everyone is sayin' hello again |s (fake book) Where are you, now that I need you |s (film: Red, hot and blue) (fake book) Make it easy on yourself |s (fake book) I fell in love with your picture |s (fake book) The vamp of the Pampas |s (film: Here comes Cookie) (fake book) Turn to me |s (fake book) Small fry |s (film: Sing you sinners) (fake book) Say it (over and over again) |s (film: Buck Benny rides again) (fake book) Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition |s (fake book) Angela |s (fake book) The hills of old Wyomin' |s (film: Palm springs) Don't let love hang you up |s (fake book) Another time, another place |s (thema film: Another time, another place) (fake book) Eyes of blue |s (film: Shane) (fake book) Castilian moonlight |s (fake book) Jungle love |s (thema film: Jungle love) A girl named Tamiko |s (thema film: A girl named Tamiko) (fake book) Like a rosebud |s (fake book) I remember you |s (film: The fleet's in) (fake book) I have eyes |s (film: Paris honeymoon) (fake book) Song of the vagabonds |s (fake book) The blob |s (fake book) On a tropic night Love story |s (thema film: Love story) (fake book) I'm just a lucky so-and-so |s (fake book) Manana |s (fake book) Come and fill this empty house |s (fake book) That old black magic |s (fake book) Somebody |s (fake book) His rocking horse ran away |s (film: And the angels sing) (fake book) Girls |s (fake book) Forever my love |s (thema film: Forever my love) (fake book) A little white gardenia |s (fake book) I said no |s (film: Sweater girl) (fake book) Worlds apart |s (fake book) True confession |s (thema film: True confession) (fake book) I hear a dream (Come home again) |s (film: Gulliver's travel) (fake book) Barefoot in the park |s (thema film: Barefoot in the park) (fake book) No way to go but up |s (fake book) It's easy to remember |s (film: Mississippi) (fake book) You hit the spot |s (film: Collegiate) (fake book) You leave me breathless |s (film: Cocoanut grove) (fake book) Anonymous phone call |s (fake book) All in a night's work |s (thema film: All in a night's work) (fake book) Paramount on parade |s (fake book) Warm as wine |s (film: Monsieur Beaucaire) (fake book) Judith |s (thema film: Judith) (fake book) Career |s (thema film:: Career) (fake book) California rock 'n' roll |s (fake book) Golden earrings |s (thema film: Golden earrings) (fake book) Sand in my shoes |s (film: Kiss the boys goodbye) (fake book) The rose tattoo |s (fake book) Good mornin' |s (film: Mountain music) (fake book) Vive la you |s (film: The vagabond king) (fake book) Kitty Never let me go |s (film: The scarlet hour) (fake book) The black queen's beads |s (TV serie: One life to live) (fake book) You appeal to me |s (film: Safety in numbers) (fake book) You're wonderful |s (film: Paid in full) (fake book) Strange enchantment |s (film: Man about town) (fake book) Dancing on the moon |s (fake book) After one kiss |s (fake book) Angel's tears |s (fake book) Paris, stay the same |s (film: Love parade) (fake book) Everything a man could ever need |s (film: Norwood) (fake book) Kaigoon |s (fake book) California rose |s (film: Son of Paleface) (fake book) Baby, baby, baby |s (film: Those redheads from Seattle) (fake book) I wanna be loved Only a rose |s (film: The vagabond king) (fake book) In times like these |s (fake book) Moon love |s (fake book) The door is always open |s (fake book) Two sleepy people |s (film: Thanks for the memory) (fake book) You'll have to swing it if you can't sing it |s (fake book) Who's got the action |s (fake book) Love is just arond the corner |s (fake book) So warm, my love |s (fake book) All about love |s (fake book) We're the couple in the castle |s (film: Mr. Bug goes to town) (fake book) Pancho |s (film: The trumpet blows) (fake book) The gay continental |s (fake book) End game |s (TV serie: Mannix) (fake book) The king of kings Just one more chance |s (fake book) It's a hap-hap-happy day |s (film: Gulliver's travels) (fake book) Bad news |s (fake book) The greatest show on earth |s (thema film: The greatest show on earth) (fake book) Joanie's shadow |s (fake book) Mona Lisa |s (fake book) The little man |s (film: Little Fauss and Big Halsy) (fake book) Heart and soul |s (film: A song is born) (fake book) Just for fun |s (film: My friend Irma) (fake book) Buttons and bows |s (film: Paleface) (fake book) We're all together now |s (film: Gulliver's travels) (fake book) End of spring |s (fake book) The story of my life |s (fake book) Are you happy |s (fake book) Ebony rhapsody |s (fake book) Just for you |s (thema film: Just for you) (fake book) Home cookin' |s (fake book) I get along without you very well Moonlight and shadows |s (fake book) My future just passed |s (fake book) Wives and lovers |s (fake book) Don't go to Paris |s (fake book) Make room for the joy |s (fake book) It's a beautiful day for a ball game |s (fake book) Magic moments |s (fake book) The call of the far-away hills Music makers |s (fake book) Falling in love again |s (film: The blue angel) (fake book) Borsalino (Generique) |s (film: Borsalino) (fake book) Twilight on the trail |s (film: The trail of the lonesome pine) (fake book) Wish me a rainbow |s (film: This property is condemned) (fake book) I'm indestructible |s (fake book) Don't envy me |s (fake book) Zing a little zong |s (film: Just for you) (fake book) Faker faker |s (fake book) Most people get married |s (fake book) Not mine |s (film: The fleet's in) (fake book) My love loves me |s (fake book) The girl I left behind me |s (fake book) Suddenly it's spring |s (film: Lady in the dark) (fake book) Dancing on a dime |s (thema film: Dancing on a dime) (fake book) Do the funky chicken |s (fake book) Whispers in the dark |s (film: Artists and models) (fake book) The very last time |s (fake book) Country music holiday |s (thema film: Country music holiday) (fake book) The waiter and the porter and the upstairs maid |s (film: Birth of the blues) (fake book) This train |s (fake book) Tangerine |s (film: The fleet's in) (fake book) Ballad of little Fauss and Big Halsy |s (fake book) Dark river |s (fake book) Merry Christmas |s (fake book) Good intentions |s (film: Red garters) (fake book) Moonlight becomes you |s (film: The road to Morocco) (fake book) Never before |s (fake book) With open arms |s (fake book) In the middle of a kiss |s (film: The clock strikes eight) (fake book) That kind of woman |s (thema film: That kind of woman) (fake book) That's where I'll be |s (fake book) Love in bloom Down by the river |s (film: Mississippi) (fake book) War and peace |s (thema film: War and peace) (fake book) One dozen roses |s (fake book) Houseboat (Love song) |s (thema film: Houseboat) (fake book) It might as well be me |s (fake book) Can't you hear that mountain music |s (fake book) The ruby and the pearl |s (film: Thunder in the East) (fake book) Place for me to hide |s (film: Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon) (fake book) Baby elephant walk |s (film: Hatari) (fake book) A cold and lonely room |s (fake book) Play it cool |s (fake book) Where love has gone |s (thema film: Where love has gone) (fake book) Just for tonight |s (film: Hatari) (fake book) Love in a goldfish bowl |s (thema film: Love in a goldfish bowl) (fake book) Love has a way |s (film: Goodbye, Columbus) (fake book) The day you came along |s (film: Too much harmony) (fake book) Ev'ryone says 'I love you' |s (film: Horse feathers) (fake book) To you |s (fake book) Bye bye Barbara |s (thema film: Bye bye Barbara) (fake book) Im the cool, cool of the evening |s (film: Here comes the groom) (fake book) The mating season |s (thema film: The mating season) (fake book) Louise |s (fake book) The hard way |s (film: Duffy's tavern) (fake book) Listen my love |s (fake book) You took the words right out of my heart |s (film: Big broadcast of 1938) (fake book) The streets of Laredo |s (thema film: Streets of Laredo) (fake book) Rain, rain, go away |s (fake book) Hey there lonely girl |s (fake book) Penthouse serenade |s (fake book) The Aloha waltz |s (fake book) Ellen |s (fake book) Call me tonight |s (film: Just for you) (fake book) Janey |s (film: The far horizons) (fake book) It could happen to you |s (film: And the angels sing) (fake book) Tower of strength |s (fake book) Mimi |s (film: Love me tonight) (fake book) Stella by starlight |s (film: The uninvited) (fake book) The bridges at Toko-Ri |s (fake book) Blue dawn |s (film: Romance in the dark) (fake book) Bubbles in the wine |s (fake book) Don Jose olé |s (fake book) The road to Morocco |s (thema film: The road to Morocco) (fake book) A picnic in the park |s (fake book) Ebb tide |s (thema film: Ebb tide) (fake book) Love and learn |s (fake book) I don't care if the sun don't shine |s (fake book) A thousand violins |s (film: The great lover) (fake book) My beloved |s (film: Marshmellow moon) (fake book) Monica |s (film: The carpetbaggers) (fake book) Loving is a way of living |s (fake book) The sweetest music this side of heaven |s (film: Many happy returns) (fake book) Hit the road to dreamland |s (thema film: Hit the road to dreamland) (fake book) Please |s (fake book) Crazy times |s (fake book) Forever yours I remain |s (fake book) Thanks |s (film: Too much harmony) (fake book) Faithful |s (film: Gulliver's travels) (fake book) Things I'd like to say |s (film: The golden head) (fake book) The knock song (I hear you knockin') |s (fake book) I'll always love you (Querida mia) |s (film: My friend Irma goes West) (fake book) Take your shoes off, baby |s (fake book) Some day |s (film: The vagabond king) (fake book) I'll never let a day pass by |s (fake book) Here comes my ball and chain |s (fake book) Back in the old routine |s (fake book) Baby's birthday party |s (fake book) Goodbye, Columbus |s (film: Goodbye, Columbus) (fake book) With every breath I take |s (film: Here is my heart) (fake book) One little girl at a time |s (fake book) Faithful forever |s (film: Gulliver's travels) (fake book) Used to be you |s (fake book) The champagne waltz |s (fake book) Hang in there baby |s (fake book) The funny old hills |s (film: Paris honeymoon) (fake book) Too romantic |s (film: The road to Singapore) (fake book) Sylvia |s (thema film: Sylvia) (fake book) Sands of the Kalahari |s (fake book) You're mine, you |s (fake book) Blow the man down |s (fake book) Beauty isn't everything |s (fake book) A dim cafe |s (fake book) Vertigo |s (thema film: Vertigo) (fake book) Go fly a kite |s (film: The starmaker) (fake book) Heart of the West |s (fake book) Keep a little dream handy |s (fake book) The nearness of you |s (fake book) Little by little and bit by bit |s (fake book) Need I speak |s (fake book) Your kiss |s (film: To catch a thief) (fake book) The octave jump |s (fake book) Vino vino |s (film: The rose tattoo) (fake book) Jingle jangle jingle |s (film: The forest rangers) (fake book) You're a sweet little headache |s (film: Paris honeymoon) (fake book) Country girl |s (film: Norwood) (fake book) Cocoanut grove |s (thema film: Cocoanut grove) (fake book) Almost in your arms |s (film: Houseboat) (fake book) Innamorata |s (film: Artists and models) (fake book) Tomorrow may never come |s (fake book) It's always you |s (film: Road to Zanzibar) (fake book) The good of love |s (fake book) Ya got class |s (film: Here come the girls) (fake book) Warm and tender |s (fake book) Lover |s (film: Love me tonight) (fake book) Admiration |s (fake book) Out of nowhere |s (fake book) Never so beautiful |s (film: Here come the girls) (fake book) I'm yours |s (fake book) Fifi |s (film: Every day is a holiday) (fake book)

Impressum [Japan] : Nichion, [197-?]

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