The legal fake book

Dit werk is niet digitaal beschikbaar

Overige titelgegevens : giant hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's

Bevat Casino Royale |s (film: Casino Royale) (fake book) Your side of the bed |s (fake book) Brian's song |s (thema TV serie: Brian's song) (fake book) One man band |s (fake book) I think I love you |s (fake book) You've lost that lovin' feelin' |s (fake book) Footsteps |s (fake book) Smackwater Jack |s (fake book) Nothing good comes easy |s (fake book) High out of time |s (fake book) In the ghetto (The vicious circle) |s (fake book) Goodbye cruel world |s (fake book) Heart |s (fake book) What am I gonna do |s (fake book) Looking through the eyes of love |s (fake book) When you get right down to it |s (fake book) Mama |s (fake book) Sooner or later |s (fake book) Some kind of wonderful |s (fake book) It's one of those nights (Yes love) |s (fake book) It only happens when I look at you |s (fake book) Ride the wild surf |s (fake book) Magic town |s (fake book) Venus in blue jeans |s (fake book) Whoever finds this - I love you |s (fake book) The lonesomest lonesome |s (fake book) Believe in humanity |s (fake book) Sweet sweetheart |s (fake book) New world coming |s (fake book) Run to him |s (fake book) Sunday sunrise |s (fake book) Let me be the one |s (fake book) Just as much as ever |s (fake book) Come back silly girl |s (fake book) I wonder what she's doing tonight? |s (fake book) Only in America |s (fake book) The little old lady (from Pasadena) |s (fake book) Hill where the Lord hides |s (fake book) Last train to Clarksville |s (fake book) Custody |s (fake book) What color (is a man) |s (fake book) Giving up on love |s (fake book) We gotta get out of this place |s (fake book) Stairway to heaven |s (fake book) Peaches 'n' cream |s (fake book) Somethin' 'bout you baby I like |s (fake book) I've got to use my imagination |s (fake book) Hooked on a feeling |s (fake book) Bitter with the sweet |s (fake book) It's getting better |s (fake book) Do right woman do right man |s (fake book) Yes Mr. Peters |s (fake book) Mandy |s (fake book) Baby I'm a want you |s (fake book) Every breath I take |s (fake book) I feel the earth move |s (fake book) The shape of things to come |s (fake book) Don't say nothin' bad (about my baby) |s (fake book) Saturday night at the movies |s (fake book) Mother freedom |s (fake book) Sweet inspiration |s (fake book) (You are) my way of life |s (fake book) Uptown |s (fake book) I still love you (you still love me) |s (fake book) Lonely is the name |s (fake book) You've got a friend |s (fake book) Tiger |s (fake book) The Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga sewing circle, book review and timing association |s (fake book) Daydream believer |s (fake book) Good good lovin' |s (fake book) Ain't no way to treat a lady |s (fake book) Puppet man |s (fake book) Songs |s (fake book) Hungry |s (fake book) It's not the spotlight |s (fake book) Walking in the rain |s (fake book) Lady |s (fake book) The world is a circle |s (film: Lost horizon) (fake book) New girl in school |s (fake book) Brown-eyed woman |s (fake book) Everything I own |s (fake book) Born to be together |s (fake book) On Broadway |s (fake book) He's sure the boy I love |s (fake book) I'm gonna be strong |s (fake book) I woke up in love this morning |s (fake book) Lonely people do foolish things |s (fake book) Five o'clock world |s (fake book) To sir with love |s (film: To sir with love) (fake book) Little devil |s (fake book) Dead man's curve |s (fake book) Crying in the rain |s (fake book) Raised on rock |s (fake book) Spanish eyes |s (fake book) Only love is real |s (fake book) It's too late |s (fake book) Honolulu Lulu |s (fake book) You're the song (that I can't stop singing) |s (fake book) A man without a dream |s (fake book) The yellow bandana |s (fake book) Stop and smell the roses |s (fake book) Joanne |s (fake book) Separate ways |s (fake book) Keep the ball rollin' |s (fake book) Moody blue |s (fake book) The young and the restless |s (fake book) My heart has a mind of it's own |s (fake book) Nightingale |s (fake book) Breaking up is hard to do |s (fake book) One hell of a woman |s (fake book) Nobody but you |s (fake book) Up on the roof |s (fake book) Smack dab in the middle |s (fake book) Hi de ho (That old sweet roll) |s (fake book) Tapestry |s (fake book) Happy birthday sweet sixteen |s (fake book) Am I losing you |s (fake book) What am I doin' hangin' round? |s (fake book) The look of love |s (film: Casino Royale) (fake book) When my little girl is smiling |s (fake book) Make your own kind of music |s (fake book) Afrikaan beat |s (fake book) So long Dixie |s (fake book) Been to Canaan |s (fake book) Rented Tuxedo |s (fake book) It might as well rain until September |s (fake book) At every end there's a beginning |s (fake book) Lovin' someone |s (fake book) I can't hear you |s (fake book) One fine day |s (fake book) Sweet surrender |s (fake book) Rumors |s (fake book) L-O-V-E |s (fake book) Stupid cupid |s (fake book) Hallelujah |s (fake book) Hey little girl (wheew) |s (fake book) Brother brother |s (fake book) Everybody's somebody's fool |s (fake book) Just a little lovin' (early in the mornin') |s (fake book) Born free |s (film: Born free) (fake book) Friend lover woman wife |s (fake book) Oh no not my baby |s (fake book) It hurts to be in love |s (fake book) Her Royal Majesty |s (fake book) I'm a believer |s (fake book) Where you lead |s (fake book) Feelings |s (fake book) To love |s (fake book) The way we were |s (film: The way we were) (fake book) I'm into something good |s (fake book) Make me your baby |s (fake book) Wonderland by night (Wunderland bei Nacht) |s (fake book) Bewitched |s (TV film: Bewitched) (fake book) Different drum |s (fake book) Baby don't get hooked on me |s (fake book) Easy come easy go |s (fake book) Suspicious minds |s (fake book) I wanna be free |s (fake book) Will you be staying after Sunday |s (fake book) I can't stay mad at you |s (fake book) Just once in my life |s (fake book) Don't let go |s (fake book) Runnin' out of fools |s (fake book) Keep on dancing |s (fake book) Breaking in a brand new broken heart |s (fake book) I love how you love me |s (fake book) The loco-motion |s (fake book) Yours until tomorrow |s (fake book) Home again |s (fake book) No sad song |s (fake book) Lazy day |s (fake book) The dark end of the street |s (fake book) Goin' back |s (fake book) Child of mine |s (fake book) Wham bam shang-a-lang (and a sha la la la la la thing) |s (fake book) Proud |s (fake book) The wheel of hurt |s (fake book) The song from Moulin Rouge (Where is your heart) |s (fake book) Jazzman |s (fake book) So far away |s (fake book) How lucky can you get |s (fake book) Bless the beasts and children |s (film: Bless the beasts and children) (fake book) It's my life |s (fake book) Beautiful |s (fake book) You really know how to hurt a guy |s (fake book) Guilty |s (fake book) Make the man love me |s (fake book) Love takes a long time growin' |s (fake book) I just can't help believin' |s (fake book) Dream lover |s (fake book) Send a little love my way |s (film: Oklahoma crude) (fake book) Sweet seasons |s (fake book) Naughty girl |s (fake book) Roller coaster |s (fake book) (Hey won't you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song |s (fake book) Take a giant step |s (fake book) A little bit me a little bit you |s (fake book) Cry like a baby |s (fake book) Rainy Jane |s (fake book) You're my soul and inspiration |s (fake book) Way over yonder |s (fake book) Patches |s (fake book) Will you love me tomorrow |s (fake book) Wait a million years |s (fake book) It's only love |s (fake book) Been too long on the road |s (fake book) 98.6 |s (fake book) Mamacita |s (fake book) The world we knew (Over and over) |s (fake book) Next door to an angel |s (fake book) Strangers in the night |s (film: A man could get killed) (fake book) The guitar man |s (fake book) Dream me home |s (fake book) Saturday's child |s (fake book) A long way to go |s (fake book) Don't forbid me |s (fake book) Molly |s (fake book) Corazón |s (fake book) My dad |s (fake book) Nicholas and Alexandra |s (thema film: Nicholas and Alexandra) (fake book) I'm hanging up my heart for you |s (fake book) If |s (fake book) Papa's knee |s (fake book) Silver moon |s (fake book) Living together growing together |s (film: Lost Horizon) (fake book) Take good care of my baby |s (fake book) Hitchcock railway |s (fake book) Lawrence of Arabia |s (thema film: Lawrence of Arabia) (fake book) Danke schoen |s (fake book) Go away little girl |s (fake book) Chains |s (fake book) (I'm not your) steppin' stone |s (fake book) Pleasant valley Sunday |s (fake book) Something's burning |s (fake book) I've never loved anyone more |s (fake book) (You don't know) how glad I am |s (fake book) It's going to take some time |s (fake book) You light up my life |s (fake book) A groovy kind of love |s (fake book) I believe in music |s (fake book) No easy way down |s (fake book) Sharing you |s (fake book) Kiss it and make it better |s (fake book) Halfway to paradise |s (fake book) My boy |s (fake book) (You make me feel like a) natural woman |s (fake book) Bring a little sunshine (to my heart) |s (fake book) Everybody loves a love song |s (fake book) Frankie |s (fake book) Bless you |s (fake book) So sad the song |s (fake book) Oh Carol |s (fake book) Valleri |s (fake book) It don't matter to me |s (fake book) Hello it's me |s (fake book) Angelica |s (fake book) You turn me around |s (fake book) I'll meet you halfway |s (fake book) The diary |s (fake book) Where the boys are |s (fake book) Alone too long |s (fake book) Fallin' |s (fake book) Theme from Mahogany (Do you know where you're going to) |s (fake book) Let your love go |s (fake book) Rock and roll lullaby |s (fake book) Puttin' it down to you (Puttin' it down to the way I feel) |s (fake book) Make it with you |s (fake book) A swingin' safari |s (fake book) The last blues song |s (fake book) Run to my lovin' arms |s (fake book) Workin' on a groovy thing |s (fake book) Surf City |s (fake book) Who put the bomp (in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp) |s (fake book) Calendar girl |s (fake book) Just form old times' sake |s (fake book) Eyes of a New York woman |s (fake book) Boy from the country |s (fake book) One day of your life |s (fake book) Many tears ago |s (fake book) Watchin' Scotty grow |s (fake book) Hey girl |s (fake book) I'm gonna love you |s (fake book) Foolish little girl |s (fake book) Too beautiful to last |s (fake book) Diary |s (fake book) We're over |s (fake book) Blame it on the bossa nova |s (fake book) Doesn't somebody want to be wanted |s (fake book) Baby the rain must fall |s (thema film: Baby the rain must fall) (fake book) Lost horizon |s (film: Lost Horizon) (fake book) I hate you |s (fake book) I believe in Jesus |s (fake book) Seattle |s (TV serie: Here come the brides) (fake book) Drag city |s (fake book) Sweet Maria |s (fake book) Kicks |s (fake book)

Impressum Hollywood : Screen Gems - EMI / Colgems - EMI, cop. 1978

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