99 famous motion picture songs and recorded hits

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Overige titelgegevens / compiled by Johnny Lange

Bevat Nobody's fault but my own Sentimental evening Can't get out of Texas (in my dreams) Elmer and the bear Hula twist She's gone, let her go let her go Mexico Joe (That roly poly caballero) St. Patrick's Day parade I got it bad |s (film: Pick a star) It's all over now (I won't worry) |s (film: Westbound stage) Madrid Nora me darlin' How else can I show you I care? If ever you're gonna fall in love Put your heart in the Bible, keep the Bible in your heart A miracle happened to me (It could happen to you) We had the best band there You gotta quit cheatin' on me I asked the Lord Be goody good good to me Does the cat see the bird? Clancy lowered the boom Get away Mr. Satan get away Loaded pistol (and loaded dice) Sentimental woman |s (film: Happy days) And he looks so peaceful now Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah Without your love |s (film: Pick a star) Shame on me Symphony of the prarie Git along mule |s (film: One dark night) I ain't gonna change Let me be the first (to say I'm sorry) Pecos Bill |s (Walt Disney film: Melody time) Santa Clause is ridin' the trail Easter Sunday on the prarie Benny the beaver (Ya better be like me, yeah yeah) |s (film: Scatter brain) If I can give Kentucky gal of mine A moment in Sorrento Sailing on a dream I went to college It's crazy, but baby it's love |s (film: Pick a star) Mama Macushla The only thing I want for Christmas (is just to keep the things that I've got) Hawaiian serenade Blue shadows on the trail |s (Walt Disney film: Melody time) Don't you notice anything new? Gimme that old time religion I don't want the world (with a fence around it) It ain't no use to worry anymore When I made my decision When they pass around the basket The sunny side of the trail Uncle Remus said |s (Walt Disney film: Song of the South) There'll be no new tunes on this old piano (This old piano of mine) Sleepy old town The angelus rings again All you got to do is pray Christmas Carols by the old corral I'm gonna turn off the teardrops I am not alone There's a new range in heaven |s (film: Harlem on the prairie) Shake it and break it |s (film: One dark night) Rim of the Canyon |s (film: Rim of the Canyon) Thank you Lord Silas Lee (from Tennessee) Chapel in the valley Ev'ry time I look at you If it hadn't been for you Lazy moon Mule Train |s (film: Mule Train) |s (film: Singin' guns) Safe sane and single Romance in Rio (Romance en Río) |s (film: The girl from Rio) Maximillian the moth The little red fox (N'ya n'ya ya can't catch me) |s (film: That's right you're wrong) I lost my sugar in Salt Lake City |s (film: Stormy weather) |s (film: Jam session) He's only a prayer away Bluebirds keep singin' in the rain Down in Sweetheart Valley He loves everybody (in this whole wide world) Hawaiian samba I found the answer Is it better to have loved and lost? Merci beaucoup (Mare-see bo-coo) Annabella |s (film: Zis boom bah) Deacon Jones |s (film: Hi good looking) |s (film: Meet Miss Bobby Sox) |s (film: Melody garden) I'm gonna hurry you out of my mind and cry you out of my heart The first thing I do every morning Sweet sweet Pauline Up jumped the devil (in a white night gown) |s (film: Up jumped the devil) You can't go on forever breaking my heart There's someone to help you That's what we do over here Teen age story (of love) |s (film: Life begins at 17) Ya' betcha Somebody bigger than you and I |s (film: Oil Town U.S.A.) Throw him out I'm just the worrying kind

Impressum Hollywood : Bulls Eye Music, cop. 1976

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