Hank Cochran

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Overige titelgegevens : Nashville's super man of song; writing, performing, directing

Bevat I'll love you more A way to survive Yesterday's memories Willingly Then go home to her It's not love (but it's not bad) What can you do to me now He little thing'd her out of my arms You wouldn't know I want to go with you Through that door You'll think of me I miss you Don't touch me I fell apart Your best friend and me That's all that matters Since December Same old hurt The only girl in the game Take me to bed When it's over It's only love What in the world has gone wrong with our love Can I sleep in your arms A-11 Lucky ladies You're not home yet The life of a rodeo cowboy Ain't life hell Who do I know in Dallas Is this song writing me What a merry Christmas this would be You walked in my sleep last night I stole a love song from you The tears broke out on me I know an ending I'm going with you this time I fall to pieces Wanderin' man I'd fight the world Come back home Montego Bay You're stronger than me Go on home I hope the world falls and breaks a leg Sixty days Whiskey dirt She's got you (He's got you) What kind of bird is that? Loneliness is eating me alive Why can't he be you She's only lonely Just for the record If I have to crawl Which one will it be I'll stay around Welcome home to nothin' You let me down The world needs a washin' Buckin' the five I guess that comes from being poor How big a fire You're heavy on my mind Take my hand When you need a laugh We found it in each other's arms I wish I didn't have to miss you Undo the right Uphill all the way Make the world go away Still in town A little bitty tear Satisfaction Don't you ever get tired (of hurting me) Please be my new love A little unfair I'm a long way from home Jesus is a good ole boy Where you go I'll follow Are you ever coming home I've got a train in my brain What 'cha thing about that

Impressum Nashville : Tree Publ., cop. 1979

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