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Overige titelgegevens : [complete music from 10 hit albums]

Bevat Movin' in Introduction I'm a man Saturday in the park Just you 'n' me Canon |s (uit: Elegy) The approaching storm |s (uit: Elegy) State of the Union Once upon a time |s (uit: Elegy) While the city sleeps Hollywood I don't want your money It better end soon (1st movement) A.M. mourning 25 or 6 to 4 Now more than ever |s (uit: Ballet for a girl in Buchannon) To be free Memories of love At the sunrise |s (uit: Travel suite) Song of the evergreens Make me smile Gently I'll wake you Wishing you were here Italian from New York Hideaway Together again Once or twice Never been in love before Brand new love affair (Part 1) Someday (August 29, 1968) Long time no see The woman don't want to love me Prelude to Aire Questions 67 and 68 In the country Off to work |s (uit: An hour in the shower) The road Liberation All is well Darlin' dear South California purples Critic's choice Now that you've gone Rediscovery In terms of two A hit by Varèse Call on me Flight 602 |s (uit: Travel suite) It better end soon (2nd movement) Sing a mean tune kid Prelude Lowdown Where do we go from here Happy 'cause I'm going home |s (uit: Travel suite) Free country |s (uit: Travel suite) West Virginia fantasies It better end soon (3rd movement) Skinny boy Till we meet again Another rainy day in New York City If you leave me now Skin tight You get it up Anxiety's moment Old days Listen Wake up sunshine Alma Mater Jenny Aire Dialogue Something in this city changes people Happy man Lifesaver Byblos Beginnings Loneliness is just a word An hour in the shower, a hard risin' morning without breakfast |s (uit: An hour in the shower) A song for Richard and his friends Man vs. man = The end |s (uit: Elegy) Mother Progress? |s (uit: Elegy) Free |s (uit: Travel suite) Morning blues again |s (uit: An hour in the shower) Goodbye What's this world comin' to? P.M. mourning Fancy colours Colour my world It better end soon (4th movement) Oh thank you great spirit Mama mama You are on my mind Hope for love So much to say so much to give Scrapbook Feelin' stronger every day Mongonucleosis Harry Truman Ain't it blue? Brand new love affair (Part 2) Devil's sweet Anyway you want (I've been) searchin' so long Poem 58 Hanky panky Dreamin' home |s (uit: An hour in the shower) Fallin' out |s (uit: An hour in the shower) Does anybody really know what time it is? Poem for the people What else can I say?

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