Sixty hits of the 90's

Dit werk is niet digitaal beschikbaar

Overige titelgegevens : limited edition fake book / 'C' edition

Bevat Where does my heart beat now |s (fake book) Freedom '90 |s (fake book) So close |s (fake book) I go to extremes |s (fake book) Sittin' in the lap of luxury |s (fake book) Sacrifice |s (fake book) And so it goes |s (fake book) Can't live without your love and affection |s (fake book) No myth |s (fake book) Unchained melody |s (fake book) Love takes time |s (fake book) All around the world |s (fake book) Blaze of glory |s (fake book) Cry for help |s (fake book) Black cat |s (fake book) King of wishful thinking |s (fake book) I'm your baby tonight |s (fake book) Something to believe in |s (fake book) I'll be by your side |s (fake book) Waiting for love |s (fake book) Forever your girl |s (fake book) Opposites attract |s (fake book) Vision of love |s (fake book) All I wanna do is making love to you |s (fake book) She drives me crazy |s (fake book) How am I supposed to live without you |s (fake book) She ain't worth it |s (fake book) Ride the wind |s (fake book) Impulsive |s (fake book) Straight up |s (fake book) Hold on |s (fake book) Rhythm of my heart |s (fake book) Black velvet |s (fake book) Club at the end of the street |s (fake book) We didn't start the fire |s (fake book) Praying for time |s (fake book) The shoop shoop song (It's in his kiss) |s (fake book) Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now) |s (fake book) The power |s (fake book) I'll do 4 U (I'll do for you) |s (fake book) Someday |s (fake book) Price of love |s (fake book) Turtle power |s (fake book) Because I love you (The postman song) |s (fake book) This one's for the children |s (fake book) Don't know much |s (fake book) Oh girl |s (fake book) With every beat of my heart |s (fake book) Miracle |s (fake book) All this time |s (fake book) Suicide blonde |s (fake book) I don't have the heart |s (fake book) Here we go, let's rock & roll |s (fake book) Release me |s (fake book) You're in love |s (fake book) Janie's got a gun |s (fake book) Step by step |s (fake book) Here and now |s (fake book) Easy come easy go |s (fake book) Ooh la la (I can't get over you) |s (fake book)

Impressum Milwaukee : Hal Leonard Publ. Corp., cop. 1991

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