The American treasury of popular movie songs

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Bevat Come Saturday morning |s (film: The sterile cuckoo) Gentle on my mind I don't care if the sun don't shine Jingle jangle jingle |s (film: The forest rangers) Cocktails for two |s (film: Murder at the vanities) When I take my sugar to tea The Godfather waltz |s (film: The Godfather) Please |s (film: The big broadcast of 1933) Mimi |s (film: Love me tonight) Moonlight and shadows |s (film: Jungle princess) Who's your little who-zis? Love story (Where do I begin) |s (thema film: Love story) I'll paint you a song |s (film: Norwood) Romeo and Juliet |s (thema film: Romeo and Juliet) Isn't it romantic? |s (film: Love me tonight) Mona Lisa |s (film: Captain Caney, U.S.A.) Bubbles in the wine Moon river |s (film: Breakfast at Tiffany's) Mannix |s (TV serie: Mannix) I'm Popeye the sailor man |s (thema film: Popeye the sailor cartoon) Marathon man |s (thema film: Marathon man) It could happen to you |s (film: And the angels sing) Once is not enough |s (film: Once is not enough) Call me irresponsible |s (film: Papa's delicate condition) The Orient Express |s (film: Murder on the Orient Express) A little white gardenia |s (film: All the king's horses) Star Trek |s (thema TV serie: Star Trek) One dozen roses Love letters |s (film: Love letters) Sunflower Blue Hawaii |s (film: Waikiki wedding) My ideal |s (film: Playboy of Paris) Hey there lonely girl Baby elephant walk |s (film: Hatari) That old black magic |s (film: Star spangled rhythm) Blue on blue The nearness of you That's amore (That's love) |s (film: The Caddy) My old flame |s (film: Belle of the Nineties) June in January |s (film: Here is my heart) Dolores |s (film: Las Vegas nights) Golden earrings |s (film: Golden earrings) I don't want to walk without you |s (film: Sweater girl) Just one more chance The lonesome road Wish me a rainbow |s (film: This property is condemned) Happy days |s (TV serie: Happy days) Silver bells |s (film: The lemon drop kid) Are you in there? |s (thema film: King Kong) Mission Impossible |s (thema TV serie: Mission Impossible) Moonlight becomes you |s (film: The road to Morocco) You brought me a new kind of love to me |s (film: The big pond) Love with the proper stranger |s (film: Love with the proper stranger) Tangerine |s (film: The fleet's in) Making our dreams come true |s (TV serie: Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney) Some day |s (film: The vagabond king) It's a hap hap happy day |s (film: Gulliver's travels) The champagne waltz Lover |s (film: Love me tonight) It's easy to remember |s (film: Mississippi) I get along without you very well (except sometimes) A time for us |s (thema film: Romeo and Juliet) Twilight on the trail |s (film: The trail of the lonesome pine) Falling in love again (Can't help it) Out of nowhere Wives and lovers (Hey little girl) |s (film: Wives and lovers) How can I tell her (About you) Penthouse serenade (When we're alone) In the cool cool cool of the evening |s (film: Here comes the groom) Me and you and a dog named boo Brother Sun sister Moon |s (film: Brother Sun sister Moon) Moon love Love said goodbye |s (thema film: The Godfather part II) I remember you |s (film: The fleet's in) Chinatown |s (thema film: Chinatown) I'll dance at your wedding (honey dear) |s (film: Mr. Bug goes to town) Buttons and bows |s (film: Paleface) The odd couple |s (film: The odd couple) Only a rose |s (film: Only a rose) Godfather II |s (thema film: The Godfather part II) On days like these |s (film: The Italian job) Lipstick |s (thema film: Lipstick) Louise |s (film: Innocents of Paris) Heart and soul The road to Morocco |s (film: Road to Morocco) Alfie |s (film: Alfie) Love in bloom |s (film: She loves me not) Little prince |s (film: The little prince) Help yourself (Gli occhi miei) Speak softly love |s (thema film: The Godfather) Beyond tomorrow |s (thema film: Serpico) Thanks for the memory |s (film: The big broadcast of 1938) Love is just around the corner |s (film: Here is my heart) Magic moments Stella by starlight |s (film: The uninvited) Make it easy on yourself Beyond the blue horizon |s (film: Monte Carlo) To each his own |s (film: To each his own) The bible tells me so Two sleepy people |s (film: Thanks for the memory) My girl Bill

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