First set of madrigals and motets of five parts

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Overige titelgegevens : (published in 1612) / Orlando Gibbons ; [edited by Edmund H. Fellowes]

Onderdelen Bevat: 1. The silver swan 2. O that the learned poets 3. I weigh not fortune's frown (the first part) / tekst v. J. Sylverster 4. I tremble not at noise of war (the second part) / tekst v. J. Sylvester 5. I see ambition never pleased (the third part) / tekst v. J. Sylvester 6. I feign not friendship (the fourth part) / tekst v. J. Sylvester 7. How art thou thralled (the first part) 8. Farewell all joys (the second part) 9. Dainty fine bird 10. Fair ladies that to love (the first part) / tekst v. E. Spenser 11. Mongst thousand good (the second part) / tekst v. E. Spenser 12. Now each flowery bank of May 13. Lais now old 14. What is our life? / tekst v. W. Raleigh 15. Ah dear heart / tekst toegeschreven aan J. Donne 16. Fair is the rose 17. Nay let me weep (the first part) 18. Ne'er let the sun (the second part) 19. Yet if that age (the third part) 20. Trust not too much fair youth

Editie 2nd edition

Impressum London : Stainer and Bell, 1921

Annotatie Oorspr. titel: First set of madrigals and mottets. - Voor 5 zangstemmen of 5 viole da gamba. - 2e boek is nooit verschenen. - Teksten apart afgedrukt. - Met voorw. - Met pianopartij ter instudering. - Cop. 1914

Serie The English madrigal school |v vol. 5

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