1002 jumbo jazz album

Dit werk is niet digitaal beschikbaar

Overige titelgegevens / the All-American jazz album by Bill Lee ; words/music/chords/guitar charts/ organ registrations

Bevat Merrie mending |s (fake book) The lonesome road |s (fake book) Fire |s (fake book) Say listen |s (fake book) Key club cookout |s (fake book) Rat theme |s (fake book) Booze blues |s (fake book) In a little Spanish town |s (fake book) No line |s (fake book) Man from Montery |s (fake book) La bruja negra |s (fake book) Wolverine blues |s (fake book) Ricardo's dilemma |s (fake book) Isn't it romantic? |s (fake book) Montono blues |s (fake book) Get out of town |s (fake book) For you for me for evermore |s (fake book) Mary Lou |s (fake book) Summer for Central Park |s (fake book) Skylark |s (fake book) Who's to blame? |s (fake book) Mad Thad |s (fake book) A good man is hard to find |s (fake book) Tune up (fake up) Evening in Paris (C'est lui l'amour) |s (fake book) Roundhouse |s (fake book) Jug eyes |s (fake book) Boo's bloos |s (fake book) Einbahnstrasse |s (fake book) Swipesy |s (fake book) A little barefoot soul |s (fake book) I left my heart in San Francisco |s (fake book) Sweet meat |s (fake book) Faster James |s (fake book) Nice work if you can get it |s (film: Damsel in distress) (fake book) Just the thought of you |s (fake book) Give me a sign |s (fake book) Wild man blues |s (fake book) Stompin' at the Savoy |s (fake book) Maori blues |s (fake book) Billy Goat stomp |s (fake book) Rock skippin' |s (fake book) While we're young |s (fake book) Juggernaut |s (fake book) I'll walk alone |s (fake book) Velt amor |s (fake book) Wisteria |s (fake book) Maud's mood |s (fake book) Compulsion |s (fake book) I'm thinking of my pickaninny days |s (fake book) Tell me it's the truth |s (fake book) What can I say to you now |s (fake book) I could write a book |s (fake book) St. Thomas |s (fake book) Tailor made blues |s (fake book) Sammy Davis' ragtime style |s (fake book) Shoutin' out |s (fake book) Jungle blues |s (fake book) Lush life |s (fake book) Ready go |s (fake book) Contour |s (fake book) It's time to confess |s (fake book) There's a small hotel |s (fake book) Fussy Mabel |s (fake book) Dancer |s (fake book) Blowtop blues |s (fake book) I had a dream |s (fake book) Annie's lament |s (fake book) Doxy |s (fake book) New Orleans blues |s (fake book) Georgia swing |s (fake book) Swing spring |s (fake book) R.J. |s (fake book) Joanalah |s (fake book) I'll get by |s (fake book) Violent blue |s (fake book) Peacherine rag |s (fake book) 'Treux bleu |s (fake book) Sweetnin' |s (fake book) Ifrane |s (fake book) Nica's dream |s (fake book) Have you met Miss Jones? |s (fake book) Makin' whoopee |s (fake book) The Christmas song |s (fake book) Baby you're too much |s (fake book) Basie's back in town |s (fake book) Weep no more |s (fake book) Perception |s (fake book) Bochanal |s (fake book) Swingin' with Diane |s (fake book) The stopper |s (fake book) Tow cow tow |s (fake book) Come on home |s (fake book) Denice |s (fake book) Jim Crow blues |s (fake book) Porch light |s (fake book) Chelsea Bridge |s (fake book) That's what love consists of |s (fake book) I'll buy that dream |s (fake book) The one I love (belongs to somebody else) |s (fake book) Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans |s (fake book) Blues for Delilah |s (fake book) Hong pong |s (fake book) How long |s (fake book) Blue dip |s (fake book) Jones bones |s (fake book) Almost like being in love |s (fake book) Weird blues |s (fake book) Strollin' |s (fake book) Ting 'a ling |s (fake book) Love letters |s (fake book) Congolese sermon |s (fake book) Paranoid |s (fake book) I've grown accustomed to her face |s (fake book) Where or when |s (fake book) I don't know why |s (fake book) Diane-a-flow |s (fake book) Doin' the thing |s (fake book) Hard sock dance |s (fake book) Maedchen |s (fake book) Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool |s (fake book) Strange feeling |s (fake book) Soul message |s (fake book) Queen of spades |s (fake book) Calypsoul |s (fake book) Amyable |s (fake book) Ostinato |s (fake book) Tough talk |s (fake book) Hawk eyes |s (fake book) Dead man blues |s (fake book) Jersey |s (fake book) Soyanara blues |s (fake book) Catch me |s (fake book) And the angels sing |s (fake book) (film: The Benny Goodman story) Dulzara |s (fake book) Blue blood blues |s (fake book) I'm crazy 'bout my baby |s (fake book) Mysterious chick |s (fake book) Heavy hearted blues |s (fake book) Moonlight becomes you |s (fake book) Spinky |s (fake book) For all we know |s (film: Lovers and other strangers) (fake book) Basin Street blues |s (fake book) Way way back |s (fake book) The perfect rag |s (fake book) I remember you |s (fake book) Tubby |s (fake book) You leave me breathless |s (fake book) Chilly winds |s (fake book) One for my baby (and one more for the road) |s (film: The sky's the limit) (fake book) Blue greens |s (fake book) Brother Brinkley |s (fake book) Mulligan's too |s (fake book) Hot sake |s (fake book) Stonewall |s (fake book) Little brown book |s (fake book) Proud Mary |s (fake book) Monk's shop |s (fake book) Alberta, let your hair hang low |s (fake book) Stardreams |s (fake book) One two seven |s (fake book) Chrissie II |s (fake book) Easy living |s (fake book) In your own sweet way |s (fake book) Blues to Africa |s (fake book) Tenor madness |s (fake book) The thrill is gone |s (fake book) Toasted 'ammond |s (fake book) Moody's mood for blues |s (fake book) Butler's blues |s (fake book) I know |s (fake book) A bientôt |s (fake book) Don't argue |s (fake book) Happy town |s (fake book) A flower is a lovesome thing |s (fake book) Valve-in-head |s (fake book) Straight street |s (fake book) The grabber |s (fake book) Soul bossa nova |s (fake book) Little Jr. Detroit |s (fake book) San |s (fake book) The oom is blue |s (fake book) Muskrat ramble |s (fake book) You brought a new kind of love to me |s (fake book) Little waltz |s (fake book) Grooves bag |s (fake book) Can you tell by looking at me |s (fake book) Wind bag |s (fake book) Papa knows |s (fake book) Bone dance |s (fake book) Miss Lucy |s (fake book) Spank-A-Lee |s (fake book) The ricitic |s (fake book) Blue Silver |s (fake book) The call |s (fake book) No one baby but you |s (fake book) Morning |s (fake book) Head and shoulders |s (fake book) Four brothers |s (fake book) You're the cream in my coffee |s (fake book) Minor mood - 1 |s (fake book) Shuffle twist |s (fake book) Gostoso |s (fake book) Lights out |s (fake book) These blues are made for walkin' |s (fake book) Everything but you |s (fake book) Safari |s (fake book) Chicago breakdown |s (fake book) One more once |s (fake book) Booker's waltz |s (fake book) Let's take the long way home |s (film: Here come the waves) Grandpa's spells |s (fake book) Symphony Sid |s (fake book) Mon p'tit pote |s (fake book) Soul brothers |s (fake book) May-Rey |s (fake book) Lazy soul |s (fake book) Rosalie |s (fake book) Buffalo blues |s (fake book) That's a plenty |s (fake book) The Jody Grind |s (fake book) On the street wehre you live |s (fake book) Morgan |s (fake book) C.A.G. |s (fake book) Afro black |s (fake book) In a funky groove |s (fake book) Free for all |s (fake book) Tempo de blues |s (fake book) What good would it do? |s (fake book) Groove bird |s (fake book) Milenberg joys |s (fake book) Little one |s (fake book) 'Scuse these bloos |s (fake book) Finger poppin' |s (fake book) Shreveport stomps |s (fake book) Love me or leave me |s (fake book) Just in time |s (fake book) Solid DeSylva Night tide |s (fake book) Freight trane |s (fake book) Working with homesick |s (fake book) Rhummbop |s (fake book) Blue Ammons |s (fake book) No one knows |s (fake book) Marguerite |s (fake book) Last chance |s (fake book) Miles ahead |s (fake book) She's a big girl now |s (fake book) Jessica's day |s (fake book) Old devil moon |s (fake book) Mambo with Moody |s (fake book) Valse hot |s (fake book) Walking and singing the blues |s (fake book) I remember Duke |s (fake book) I never knew a love like this |s (fake book) Misty eyes |s (fake book) Silhouette |s (fake book) Why Phillis |s (fake book) The belly dancer |s (fake book) Word from bird |s (fake book) Grease piece |s (fake book) Swingin' upstairs |s (fake book) Fallen feathers |s (fake book) Ultra blue |s (fake book) Goldsboro Express |s (fake book) The trail |s (fake book) Sock |s (fake book) Lazy afternoon |s (fake book) Mediterranean |s (fake book) Rockabye River |s (fake book) Devil's demise |s (fake book) Jubilation |s (fake book) Pretty Lil |s (fake book) It might as well be me |s (fake book) Earl May |s (fake book) Let's march |s (fake book) Black bottom stomp |s (fake book) Wild man theme |s (fake book) Tell me |s (fake book) West Indian pancake |s (fake book) Ide's side |s (fake book) Midnight mama |s (fake book) Lullaby of the leaves |s (fake book) Kansas City stomp |s (fake book) The Ray |s (fake book) Innominado |s (fake book) I've heard that song before |s (fake book) If he walked into my life |s (fake book) Minor surgery |s (fake book) Donte's inferno |s (fake book) Four |s (fake book) Tank town bump |s (fake book) Too much sake |s (fake book) The strenuous life |s (fake book) Da du dah |s (fake book) Blowin' the blues |s (fake book) Serpent's tooth |s (fake book) Quincy's boogie |s (fake book) Lover |s (fake book) Two sleepy people |s (fake book) Gambling Jack |s (fake book) Let's get lost |s (fake book) Sufferin' subways |s (fake book) Rio |s (fake book) Deep Creek |s (fake book) Jersey bounce |s (fake book) Red top |s (fake book) Bluing |s (fake book) The dragon lady |s (fake book) Interlude |s (fake book) If I could rule my heart |s (fake book) Sweet Sweetie-Dee |s (fake book) Mysticism |s (fake book) The major and the minor |s (fake book) Beyond the blue horizon |s (fake book) Rhythm lullaby |s (fake book) Weary blues |s (fake book) Jelly Roll blues |s (fake book) Turkish black |s (fake book) Denial |s (fake book) Pon-Su |s (fake book) Casey's blues |s (fake book) I'm a lover |s (fake book) Dyna-soar |s (fake book) Take five |s (fake book) Watermelon man |s (fake book) Good groove |s (fake book) How high the moon |s (fake book) Stop time |s (fake book) Blowin' country |s (fake book) Sweet juice |s (fake book) Prezervation |s (fake book) A lot of livin' to do |s (fake book) Jug's blue blues |s (fake book) Springtime in Africa |s (fake book) Easy rider |s (fake book) I see your face before me |s (fake book) Thaba Bosigo |s (fake book) To know you is to love you |s (fake book) Raney day |s (fake book) In the still of the night |s (fake book) Countdown |s (fake book) Big Sur |s (fake book) Where you at? |s (fake book) I got plenty o' nuttin' |s (fake book) Button up your overcoat |s (fake book) Airegin |s (fake book) Doctor Jazz |s (fake book) My one bad habit |s (fake book) A taste of honey |s (fake book) Strode rode |s (fake book) Serene |s (fake book) Jamaican shake |s (fake book) Love is here to stay |s (film: Goldwyn follies) (fake book) The prowling cat |s (fake book) That's it |s (fake book) Opening blues |s (fake book) I concentrate on you |s (fake book) Deed I do |s (fake book) Groovin' with jug |s (fake book) Toddler |s (fake book) Carson City stage |s (fake book) All of you |s (fake book) Do you have soul now |s (fake book) At long last love |s (fake book) Wailing vessel |s (fake book) Sweet Peter |s (fake book) My ship |s (fake book) The naked dance |s (fake book) Speak low |s (fake book) Tossed salad |s (fake book) Cry tender - 2 |s (fake book) Jams and jellies |s (fake book) Potsa' lotsa |s (fake book) In pursuit of the 27th man |s (fake book) One for the woofer |s (fake book) Dopolous |s (fake book) He isn't for me |s (fake book) My reward |s (fake book) Belly roll |s (fake book) Antoinette |s (fake book) Walkin' |s (fake book) Blue lace |s (fake book) Homesick's shuffle |s (fake book) Traneing in |s (fake book) They can't take that away from me |s (film: Shall we dance) (fake book) The lonely ones |s (fake book) The preacher |s (fake book) Chrissie I |s (fake book) Into it |s (fake book) Ontem a'noite |s (fake book) I wanna be here |s (fake book) Ponchatrain |s (fake book) Blues for Strayhorn |s (fake book) How come you aren't happy now |s (fake book) Tenor conclave |s (fake book) Oleo |s (fake book) Tippin' |s (fake book) Moody's blue again |s (fake book) Stomp look and listen |s (fake book) Count 'em |s (fake book) Big 'E' |s (fake book) Leila |s (fake book) Pogo stick |s (fake book) Bum's rush |s (fake book) That's for sure |s (fake book) Blue sand |s (fake book) Tom cat blues |s (fake book) Cry tender - 1 |s (fake book) Blowin' the blues away |s (fake book) Jamboree blues |s (fake book) Zargreb this |s (fake book) Don't look back |s (fake book) A woman is a sometime thing |s (fake book) I can't get started |s (fake book) My heart belongs to daddy |s (film: Leave it to me) (fake book) Minor mishap |s (fake book) Groove's blues groove |s (fake book) Little Stevie |s (fake book) Five feet two, eyes of blue |s (fake book) Waltz for sweet cakes |s (fake book) Another one |s (fake book) Somara |s (fake book) Out of the blue |s (fake book) Total jazz |s (fake book) The lady is a tramp |s (fake book) When I have you |s (fake book) Pent up house |s (fake book) Blue seven |s (fake book) Caldonia |s (fake book) No smokin' |s (fake book) Don't mind if I do |s (fake book) Moito mato grosso |s (fake book) Hip twist |s (fake book) For miles and miles |s (fake book) My little brown book |s (fake book) Frisky |s (fake book) Les |s (fake book) Purple gazelle |s (fake book) Mint julep |s (fake book) Sound carrier |s (fake book) Double double-crosser |s (fake book) Blues all around my head |s (fake book) It's easy to remember |s (fake book) No moe |s (fake book) Three J's blues |s (fake book) You turned the tables on me |s (fake book) Bottle top |s (fake book) Hyena stomp |s (fake book) Brownie eyes |s (fake book) Greensleeves |s (fake book) Upbeat break-up |s (fake book) Far more blue |s (fake book) State and Madison |s (fake book) Morris the minor |s (fake book) The girl in my dreams tries to look like you |s (fake book) Solid |s (fake book) Liberian blues |s (fake book) Rock City (Rockville) Once upon a dream |s (fake book) The Tokyo blues |s (fake book) Zanzibar |s (fake book) Button-down collar |s (fake book) Snood indigo |s (fake book) Vamos nessa |s (fake book) In Sid's thing |s (fake book) Buddy Bertrand's blues |s (fake book) My brother Jim |s (fake book) Soul train |s (fake book) The midnight sun will never set |s (fake book) Lonely |s (fake book) Feathers nest |s (fake book) Sempre amore |s (fake book) Kenny |s (fake book) Ray's tune |s (fake book) Insomnia |s (fake book) Night train |s (fake book) Flamingo |s (fake book) Tangerine |s (fake book) With the wind and the rain in your hair |s (fake book) Something always happens |s (fake book) Yeah |s (fake book) Mellow madness |s (fake book) Sermonette |s (fake book) Love is just around the corner |s (fake book) Game Kid blues |s (fake book) Freakish |s (fake book) Lascivious |s (fake book) Riviera |s (fake book) Can I help it |s (fake book) September song |s (fake book) Siete cuatro |s (fake book) Bock to rock |s (fake book) Red beans |s (fake book) It's been a long long time |s (fake book) N.J.R. |s (fake book) You gotta dig it to dig it |s (fake book) Minor mood - 2 |s (fake book) Why don't you do right |s (fake book) Make someone happy |s (fake book) Knowledge box |s (fake book) Break City |s (fake book) Jaguar theme |s (fake book) Extra mild |s (fake book) Swingin' the samba |s (fake book) Night coming tenderly |s (fake book) Ghana |s (fake book) Roccus |s (fake book) Deep fried |s (fake book) Wholesale dealin' papa |s (fake book) I'm goin' to the city |s (fake book) Take the 'A' train |s (fake book) Good vibrations |s (fake book) Sweet jazz music |s (fake book) Mid nite lament |s (fake book) Let's call the whole thing off |s (film: Shall we dance) (fake book) Rompin' at Red Bank |s (fake book) Enchantment |s (fake book) Louise |s (fake book) Johnny one note |s (fake book) Solar |s (fake book) Vamps blues |s (fake book) Vous êtes (You are) |s (fake book) Tuxedo junction |s (fake book) Seed shack |s (fake book) Kansas City |s (fake book) Raincheck |s (fake book) Cool eyes |s (fake book) I needs to be bee'd with |s (fake book) Bill Bailey |s (fake book) I've got you under my skin |s (fake book) When I take my sugar to tea |s (fake book) Night in the Medina |s (fake book) Talkin' and walkin' |s (fake book) Il trovatore (The miserere combined with the anvil chorus) |s (fake book) Five spots |s (fake book) Somebody loves you |s (fake book) Kissin' cousins |s (fake book) Meetin' here |s (fake book) Seriously |s (fake book) She wouldn't be moved |s (fake book) Love walked in |s (film: Goldwyn follies) (fake book) Pygmy |s (fake book) Get me to the church on time |s (fake book) In a greasy bag |s (fake book) Dig |s (fake book) Sweet and pungent |s (fake book) Economy package |s (fake book) Tynan time |s (fake book) Frustration |s (fake book) The sleeper |s (fake book) Mahaba |s (fake book) Me and my baby |s (fake book) Kissin' cousins |s (fake book) The Bagdad blues |s (fake book) Renee |s (fake book) Jimtown blues |s (fake book) Pine Top's boogie |s (fake book) I get along without you very well |s (fake book) Doodlin' |s (fake book) Big Paul |s (fake book) I love Paris |s (fake book) Warm winds |s (fake book) Blues are brewin' |s (film: New Orleans) (fake book) Going down catch me a woman |s (fake book) Hot dog |s (fake book) Trane's blues |s (fake book) Meditation |s (fake book) Elora |s (fake book) Lorraine |s (fake book) Jones Beach |s (fake book) Pretty woman |s (fake book) Juicy Lucy |s (fake book) Spunky |s (fake book) I wonder where my easy rider's gone |s (fake book) It's all right with me |s (fake book) I'm gone |s (fake book) Plaintive prelude |s (fake book) Blues going up |s (fake book) Ev'ry time we say goodbye |s (fake book) Swinging for Bumsy |s (fake book) Night flight |s (fake book) 'Tis autumn |s (fake book) Stellisa |s (fake book) Cookin' at the Continental |s (fake book) Big foot ham |s (fake book) What's the world comin' to |s (fake book) Dizzy's business |s (fake book) Frog-i-more rag |s (fake book) Kinda like the blues |s (fake book) Mullenium |s (fake book) Strokin' away |s (fake book) Jackass blues |s (fake book) Zing zang |s (fake book) Don't stand up |s (fake book) I'm just a lucky so and so |s (fake book) It's getting dark |s (fake book) If I should lose you |s (fake book) My heart sings |s (fake book) Luis Ann |s (fake book) Anything for you |s (fake book) Wailbait |s (fake book) I've got a feeling |s (fake book) The twitch |s (fake book) If you really are concerned then show it |s (fake book) Summer song |s (fake book) The nearness of you |s (fake book) From dixieland to bebop |s (fake book) Tough touff |s (fake book) So what |s (fake book) Red carpet |s (fake book) The crave |s (fake book) Perdido |s (fake book) Blues for Langston |s (fake book) Call me irresponsible |s (film: Papa's delicate condition) (fake book) I know |s (fake book) Don't take your love from me |s (fake book) New York City blues |s (fake book) Gettin' it togetha (together) |s (fake book) To whom it may concern |s (fake book) My old flame |s (film: Belle of the Nineties) (fake book) Berkshire blues |s (fake book) Suearl |s (fake book) Young rabbits |s (fake book) Jane-O |s (fake book) Spectacular |s (fake book) Blue hymn |s (fake book) The pearls |s (fake book) Tuttie flutie |s (fake book) Ecaps |s (fake book) Come rain or come shine |s (fake book) Combination march |s (fake book) I'm glad there is you |s (fake book) Bass blues |s (fake book) Is it love that we're missing |s (fake book) Waterworks |s (fake book) Blues for Newport |s (fake book) Horace-scope |s (fake book) That old black magic |s (fake book) The swingers get the blues too |s (fake book) Night blooming jazzmen |s (fake book) Stella by starlight |s (fake book) The hip trolley |s (fake book) Plenty plenty soul |s (fake book) Twelve tone blues |s (fake book) After you've gone |s (fake book) One dozen roses |s (fake book) Freeze-dried soul |s (fake book) To the bitter |s (fake book) Copenhagen |s (fake book) Zurzday |s (fake book) Three for Dizzy |s (fake book) Caban bam-boo |s (fake book) Down the line |s (fake book) Circles |s (fake book) My funny Valentine |s (fake book) Suburban beauty |s (fake book) Spanking brand new doll |s (fake book) Gregory is here |s (fake book) Long before I knew you |s (fake book) Sentimental journey |s (fake book) Autumn landscape |s (fake book) Soul junction |s (fake book) I understand |s (fake book) Paul's pal |s (fake book) Nineteen bars |s (fake book) Dixie knows |s (fake book) They all laughed |s (film: Shall we dance) (fake book) The half-dozens |s (fake book) Mr. Jelly Lord |s (fake book) Barbara |s (fake book) Yesterday's gardenias |s (fake book) The sophisticated hippie |s (fake book) Blues bittersweet |s (fake book) Menuet too much |s (fake book) Calcutta |s (fake book) All day long |s (fake book) New Orleans bump |s (fake book) Hippy |s (fake book) Freedom sound |s (fake book) Doing the 68 (sixty-eight) |s (fake book) Soulville |s (fake book) Cannon ball blues |s (fake book) Serenade to a soul sister |s (fake book) Slap that bass |s (fake book) Oil well |s (fake book) The party's over |s (fake book) Nobody cares |s (fake book) You're my meat |s (fake book) They just don't understand |s (fake book) Minor yours |s (fake book) The hawk talks |s (fake book) The spinner |s (fake book) The Chrysanthemum |s (fake book) Bag of blues |s (fake book) A breeze from Alabama |s (fake book) Moon mist |s (fake book) The snow is green |s (fake book) It's a raggy waltz |s (fake book) Marrakesh blues |s (fake book) You're my everything |s (fake book) The theme |s (fake book) Dexterious |s (fake book) On a clear day |s (fake book) One more ham hock please |s (fake book) Hymn for Carol |s (fake book) Mount Harissa (Nob hill) |s (fake book) Somebody |s (fake book) Let's get to the Nitty Gritty |s (fake book) Esquire swank |s (fake book) Butterfly |s (fake book) Air conditioned jungle |s (fake book) Small fry |s (fake book) Tiny capers |s (fake book) Soul shouting |s (fake book) Groovin' for Nat |s (fake book) Livery stable blues (Barnyard blues) |s (fake book) Seattle hunch |s (fake book) Keep a song in your soul |s (fake book) Palm grease |s (fake book) Buddy Bolden's blues |s (fake book) Night time |s (fake book) Dimples |s (fake book) First trip |s (fake book) Mr. Smith goes to town |s (fake book) Some stretching |s (fake book) Mellow D. |s (fake book) You better go now |s (fake book) Satin doll |s (fake book) Smada |s (fake book) Miss Ann |s (fake book) Elephant walk |s (fake book) Speculation |s (fake book) M.J.S. funk |s (fake book) The funky fox |s (fake book) Who's who |s (fake book) Sleepy lagoon |s (fake book) Mamanita (tango) |s (fake book) Keepin' out of mischief now |s (fake book) Red shoes |s (fake book) No name samba |s (fake book) You got it coming |s (fake book) By the numbers |s (fake book) Rosetta |s (fake book) Whiz |s (fake book) Us |s (fake book) I love you |s (fake book) Boogie woogie blues |s (fake book) Musicale du jour |s (fake book) Good Friday blues |s (fake book) Left hand corner |s (fake book) The Mexican hip dance |s (fake book) Living soul |s (fake book) Epilogue |s (fake book) Sweetie Lester |s (fake book) Salome |s (fake book) Slim Jim |s (fake book) Snowfall |s (fake book) Wig wise |s (fake book) Marilyn (Lucius Loo) |s (fake book) Bumpkins |s (fake book) Funky |s (fake book) Four-four in hand |s (fake book) Teapot |s (fake book) Kindred spirits |s (fake book) Stroll |s (fake book) Red garter |s (fake book) Blueberry Hill |s (fake book) Scoops |s (fake book) Shake a little bit faster |s (fake book) June in January |s (fake book) I'm in the mood for groovin' |s (fake book) You call it madness |s (fake book) Michigan water blues |s (fake book) Why am I alone |s (fake book) Lullaby for Jolie |s (fake book) Bones from Jones |s (fake book) In the lurch (Two part contention) |s (fake book) Ecaroh |s (fake book) Summertime |s (fake book) Newk's fadeaway |s (fake book) From this moment on |s (fake book) Silver's serenade |s (fake book) Mambo bounde |s (fake book) Red hot pepper |s (fake book) Ridin' high |s (fake book) Country blues |s (fake book) Jammin' with Gene |s (fake book) Nutville |s (fake book) Unbooted character |s (fake book) La rose noire |s (fake book) Sugar foot stomp |s (fake book) The jazz corner |s (fake book) Sidewalk blues |s (fake book) Autumn leaves |s (fake book) Early autumn |s (fake book) Waltzin' the blues away |s (fake book) Gospel monk |s (fake book) Sad beauty blues |s (fake book) London blues (Shoe shiner's drag) |s (fake book) Juggin' around |s (fake book) Wings and things |s (fake book) It's a matter of pride |s (fake book) The entertainer |s (fake book) It never entered my mind |s (fake book) Way down |s (fake book) Sweet water |s (fake book) It could happen to you |s (fake book) Night flight |s (fake book) Smooch |s (fake book) History of a boy scout |s (fake book) Marchin' the blues |s (fake book) Birth of a band |s (fake book) Poco mucho |s (fake book) Twistin' chicken |s (fake book) Funkville U.S.A. |s (fake book) Ted Lewis blues |s (fake book) A string of pearls |s (fake book) A cottage for sale |s (fake book) I was doing all right |s (fake book) 17 West |s (fake book) Three to get ready |s (fake book) Zoot swings the blues |s (fake book) Quicksilver |s (fake book) Tenderly |s (fake book) Out of nowhere |s (fake book) I didn't |s (fake book) Shirl |s (fake book) Low gravy |s (fake book) Low down |s (fake book) Kaper |s (fake book) Annspring |s (fake book) Rain dance |s (fake book) Virgin jungle |s (fake book) I've got your number |s (fake book) I didn't know what time it was |s (fake book) Twisting the jug |s (fake book) This can't be love |s (fake book) Too close for comfort |s (fake book) Cracklin' bread |s (fake book) Blue haze |s (fake book) Jazz waltz |s (fake book) All night long |s (fake book) I hate a man like you |s (fake book) A nice day |s (fake book) Do the jake |s (fake book) Hip bones |s (fake book) The man in my life |s (fake book) Suddenly it jumped |s (fake book) Dameron's dance |s (fake book) Primping at the prom |s (fake book) Southside |s (fake book) Walking in rhythm |s (fake book) Passion flower |s (fake book) Tuesday blue |s (fake book) Three cent stomp |s (fake book) Chronic blues |s (fake book) The backbeat |s (fake book) It ain't necessarily so |s (fake book) Easy to love |s (fake book) Blues telecast |s (fake book) That awkward age |s (fake book) Stash that trash |s (fake book) Just one more chance |s (fake book) Hip soul |s (fake book) Moon river |s (fake book) Stockholm sweetnin' |s (fake book) It's de-lovely |s (fake book) Billy |s (fake book) Pleasingly plump |s (fake book) Porky |s (fake book) Adjustment |s (fake book) There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York |s (fake book) I'll remember tomorrow |s (fake book) Earthrise |s (fake book) Home cookin' |s (fake book) Crazy chords |s (fake book) Black gun |s (fake book) Zootcase |s (fake book) 3:10 blues |s (fake book) Love is blue |s (fake book) Buckingham |s (fake book) I could have danced all night |s (fake book) The St. Vitus dance |s (fake book) Tin roof blues |s (fake book) Soul underneath |s (fake book) Halema |s (fake book) Little one |s (fake book) Strange vibes |s (fake book) Radioactivity |s (fake book) The Continental |s (fake book) Paradox |s (fake book) It's tight like that |s (fake book) Burnin' the iceberg |s (fake book) Dinah |s (fake book) Theme for trambeam |s (fake book) Toro dance |s (fake book) Moving out |s (fake book) Street swingers |s (fake book) Yeah |s (fake book) Chameleon |s (fake book) Albert Carroll's blues |s (fake book) Down |s (fake book) Nature boy |s (fake book) Out of this world |s (film: Out of this world) (fake book) Hilo |s (fake book) Frances (Fat Frances) |s (fake book) The Duke |s (fake book) Hodi's lamento |s (fake book) Tropical madness |s (fake book) Sunday mornin' blues |s (fake book) My silent love |s (fake book) There will never be another you |s (fake book) You're too much |s (fake book) Spotted dog |s (fake book) Haruo |s (fake book) Penthouse serenade |s (fake book) Brasswind |s (fake book) Nono |s (fake book) Stone Jazz |s (fake book) Come Sunday |s (fake book) You're all that matters |s (fake book) Buddie-Boo |s (fake book) Route 66 |s (fake book) Change of pace |s (fake book) Things about comin' my way |s (fake book) One guy |s (fake book) Boogity boogity |s (fake book) Blue orchids |s (fake book) Motherless child |s (fake book) Hollywood vine |s (fake book) Ah so |s (fake book) Slowtrane |s (fake book) It's always you |s (fake book) That's where it's at |s (fake book) Soul searchin' |s (fake book) Time's a-wastin' |s (fake book) Scam |s (fake book) Congolese children |s (fake book) Bweebida Bobbida |s (fake book) Night hawk |s (fake book) Actual proof |s (fake book) My shining hour |s (film: The sky's the limit) (fake book) Tel Aviv |s (fake book) The happening |s (fake book) Five minutes more |s (fake book) Serious serenade |s (fake book) Yamaha blues |s (fake book) Soul call |s (fake book) Meet Benny Bailey |s (fake book) Little Lawrence |s (fake book) Sambinha |s (fake book) The shepherd (who watches over the night flock) |s (fake book) Opus V |s (fake book) My ideal |s (film: Playboy of Paris) You dirty dog |s (fake book) Midnight piano |s (fake book) Carbow |s (fake book) Alphonse and Gaston |s (fake book) Boogaloo Joe |s (fake book) Winin' boy blues |s (fake book) Happy times |s (fake book) Misty morning blues |s (fake book) For minors only |s (fake book) Sleepy time gal |s (fake book) Kuzzin's buzzin |s (fake book) Maple leaf rag |s (fake book) Soulnik |s (fake book) Pep |s (fake book) Nymph |s (fake book) Oh Bess oh where's my Bess |s (fake book) Hi-jack |s (fake book) Fox hunt |s (fake book) Lagos |s (fake book) You'd be so nice to come home to |s (fake book) Blue brew |s (fake book) Boody rumble |s (fake book) Green haze |s (fake book) You're crying |s (fake book) Memphis in June |s (film: Johnny angel) (fake book) The thing |s (fake book) Little brother's soul |s (fake book) Sad sack |s (fake book) Jug handle |s (fake book) The opener |s (fake book) Brain wave |s (fake book) I'll be around |s (fake book) Ev'rything I love |s (fake book) Moody's got rhythm |s (fake book) Solacium |s (fake book) March majestic |s (fake book) Hang tough |s (fake book) Tangorine |s (fake book) A foggy day |s (fake book) Kerplunk |s (fake book) The gringo |s (fake book) Something nice |s (fake book) Sextet |s (fake book) Just a little taste of me |s (fake book) Red shirt |s (fake book) I'm gonna get myself together right now |s (fake book) For Lena and Lenny |s (fake book)

Impressum New York : Silhouette Music, cop. 1975

Annotatie Songs voor piano solo en zang met piano

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