Maurice Chevalier

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Overige titelgegevens : the fabulous Frenchman : songs he made famous / with English and French lyrics

Bevat Livin' in the sunlight, lovin' in the moonlight (Des rendez-vous) |s (film: The big pond) Isn't it romantic? (N'est-ce pas merveilleux?) |s (film: Love me tonight) Louise (Louise) |s (film: Innocents of Paris) My ideal (Mon idéal) |s (film: Playboy of Paris) I'm a lover of Paree |s (film: The way to love) Paris stay the same |s (film: Love parade) All I want is just one |s (film: Paramount on parade) We will always be sweethearts |s (film: One hour with you) Up on top of a rainbow sweepin' the clouds away (Balayant les nuages) |s (film: Paramount on parade) Mimi (Mimi) |s (film: Love me tonight) Love me tonight (Ce soir mon amour) |s (film: Love me tonight) My love parade (Mon coktail d'amour) |s (film: Love parade) What would you do? (Qu'auriez-vous fait?) |s (film: One hour with you) While hearts are singing (Live for to-day) (Quand les coeurs chantent) |s (film: The smiling lieutenant) You brought a new kind of love to me |s (film: The big pond) It's a great life (If you don't weaken) |s (film: Playboy of Paris) One hour with you (Une heure près de toi) |s (film: One hour with you) In the park in Paree |s (film: A bedtime story) Nobody's using it now |s (film: Love parade) In a one room flat |s (film: The way to love) Wait till you see ma chérie |s (film: Innocents of Paris) Oh that Mitzi (Oh cette Mitzi) |s (film: One hour with you)

Impressum New York : Charles Hansen, [197-?]

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